A Time To Remember

Lest we forget, the VE Day 75th Anniversary commemoration was a time to remember the lives lost and suffering endured on every front in a fight to overcome the forces seeking to destroy all which the free world held dear.

Now the world is battling against a foe of a different kind a similar unity of common purpose seems limited by national boundaries. Those institutions created after World War II to build the peace and common well-being are side-lined or ignored. As each nation stands alone, preparedness and effectiveness of response has been revealed in sharp contrast. While some nations are limited by economic capacity, others are driven by political dogma. Some nations have proven to be exemplars of good management with outcomes to match, whilst others have fallen short by every measure.

When the history is written the UK will not be remembered alongside South Korea, New Zealand, or Germany.

Hubris, incompetence and austerity have condemned thousands of UK citizens to an early death. Boris and his government will be damned by the memory of those lives cut short.

Shame On You Borisshame on you Boris

2,000 out of 500,000

As of 2nd April that was the total to date of Coronavirus tests carried out on NHS staff.

The Government is presiding over a chaotic and under resourced testing regime. While all along world opinion is that the only tool we have to bring the pandemic under control is to test test test.

This is the man leading a Government which stands on a ticket of 'getting the job done!'. The view from where we are now says that just ain't the case.

The Time For Change Is Now

The message delivered to us in December was resoundingly clear and demands a major reassessment of leadership and policy. The leadership failed in their efforts to broaden support, and their policies were ridiculed, rejected, or both.

Interminable distillation of worthy and respectable socially democratic policies produced a manifesto which was implausible. In large part it was as unpalatable to the wider electorate as is all that we stand against is to us. More of the same is not an option if the Labour party is ever again to win a general election.

The dewy-eyed notion of ‘traditional Labour heartlands’ is gone; they voted for Boris and the populist conservatism he offered. Whilst the past informs the argument, it is policy and politics which determines the future.

In this leadership election we must select the candidate with the character to lead both Party and Nation; and with the capacity to formulate policy worthy of a government in waiting.

To repeat over again what has gone before and expect a different outcome is, as Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity.


Boris Johnson - Proven Liar

Here's a list of his porkies as long as you're arm (and getting longer everytime he opens his mouth...)

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