This post relates to the current debate surrounding proposed changes to Child Tax credits which is greatly exercising the Scottish devolved parliament. Most contentious is what has become known as the ‘Rape Clause’; the mere contemplation of which is abhorrent. Tory attempts to defend there position once again reveal them for what they are. North and South of the border they’re still the nasty party.
For background on the issue see this message from Kezia Dugdale:-

“Last night I made a speech to the Scottish Parliament.
I’ve made hundreds of speeches in Holyrood since becoming an MSP – but I’ve never been as angry standing up in that chamber as I was last night.
I’ve never been more proud to tell the story of an exceptional woman.
This woman had a child through rape. She relied on tax credits for the first year of her child’s life.
Tax credits, which Labour introduced, kept this woman’s head above water. But she told me she could never fill out, what she called, that ‘awful form of shame.’
That is the reality of the Tory rape clause. That is what their two child cap on claiming tax credits means.
That is what Ruth Davidson supports. Don’t let anyone tell you that the Tories are anything other than the Nasty Party.
I will make sure that Ruth Davidson will have to defend this rape clause every single day of this General Election campaign.
Here’s my speech. Please share it and let people know what the Tories stand for.”

Best wishes
Kezia Dugdale
Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

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