Chalk and Cheese Showdown

The BBC ‘Question Time’ question and answer show presented by David Dimbleby with Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May was a meeting of opposites in more ways than one.inface to face

The format of the show was a familiar ‘face the invited audience and answer the questions + some moderation from the ring master’. So far so much the same as always, but what happened next was most definitely not same-old-same-old.

Jeremy poured out Labour party policy, pledges and promises in direct un-spun answers to every question put to him. Whilst Theresa May to her shame did the exact opposite for the most part, filling her microphone time with meaningless platitudes and side stepping uncomfortable questions.

As a labour supporter, is this just my biased opinion?

interveiwWell no, it would seem not. May’s propensity to speak a lot of words and say very little has not gone unnoticed. (see left: TV critic, Times 27.05.17 Andrew Neil/Theresa May interview)
Elsewhere, Robert Peston has retweeted the Plymouth Herald ‘interview’ with Theresa may under the heading ‘3 minutes of nothing’. See the original here
This woman has form and it’s not just me who’s noticed.

David Evans.

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