crash and burn

when is a re-launch not a re-launch? answer, when it's a crash landing!

The latest attempt to re-launch Theresa May's Premiership see's her adopt a strategy which is anathema to the Tory ethos. She is seeking support from politicians of every stripe for consensus policies on Brexit issues.

Lichtenstein ~ blamIn different times and handled with more subtlety, this manoeuvre could be passed-off as a cold dose of pragmatism. Today's political landscape is radically changed, the spectacle playing out before us is a cynical ploy to shore up a lost cause while personal support withers and authority evaporates around her. For the PM, this is desperate measures in desperate times.

alternatively, is this a cunning plan?

Theresa May's catastrophic failure in the general election to achieve the mandate she craved has indeed radically changed the political landscape. Theresa May's premiership is in doubt, but the survival instincts of the Tory party machine are formidable.

Lichtenstein ~ drowning girlWhilst the PM flounders like a drowning man reaching out for consensus on the policies to deal with the great challenges of our time, Tory grandees keep her suspended in torment. She may yet be cut loose and cast in to the political wilderness, but this will not happen (if at all) until such time as best suits the Tory party's own interests.

Until that moment is upon us, the Tories will be deploying their tried and tested tactic of divide and rule. For all Tory opposition, now is a time for vigilance; to be distracted by this apparent weakness is to court disaster. In seeking consensus under the cover of Brexit concerns, the Tories are attempting to peel off layers off opposition and create division.

Tories are Tories and ever will be. Those amongst them that speak the words of consensus and of 'reaching out' do so without conviction. These cynical gestures ring hollow because the Tory heart and soul lies elsewhere.

David Evans

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