election 2017 ~ winners and losers

the nationwide result

This election has been a tale of two halves. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party stood on a manifesto which captured the imagination of the electorate, and campaigned hard on a message of hope and change. The Tory party failed to engage with people and promised to deliver more of their swingeing austerity with no end in sight.
The Labour party did not win the most seats, but Jeremy Corbyn won this election by any other measure.

The Tory party won the most seats, but Theresa May squandered the Tory lead and returns to parliament as a lame duck PM.

the local result

A lavishly funded Tory campaign won a share of the vote which was greatly bolstered by the absence of a UKIP candidate. The Tory cause also seems to have drawn-in some of the disenchanted LibDem voters who are still drifting away despite that party's best efforts.
The Labour party started their campaign from a distant fourth. In the face of low expectations the local party has made good progress by dint of hard work. Labour is inspiring new voters and winning back others who tactically 'lent' their vote to the LibDems in the past.

The Labour party message is resonating with people from every walk of life across the nation.
The Labour party is working for the many not the few.

The table below compares the results of the 2015 and 2017 election campaigns.

  2015 2017
Labour 3775 (7.77%) 6112 (12.06%) +4.29%
Tory 19924 (41.02%) 28008 (55.25%) +14.23%
Lib Dem 18429 (37.94%) 15937 (31.44%) -6.5%
Green 1316 (2.71%) 633 (1.25%) -1.46%
UKIP 5126 (10.55%) no candidate -10.55%
turn out 48570 50690 (74.62%)

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