Tories deny the right to democracy

The Tory leader of South Gloucestershire Council was interviewed by the Yate and Thornbury Gazette in connection with the Dodington (North West Ward) Parish by-election. He is quoted “…it’s a shame that the Labour Party is so determined to waste money by calling for a by-election.”

Representation by democratic election at every level of government is a cornerstone of our society. It was hard won and should be cherished dearly; we should not allow it to be taken from us on the pretext of cost

Our tradition of democracy is the guard against the risk of allowing a cosy cabal of like mined individuals gaining control and excluding all others. It must be acknowledged that occasionally it will be appropriate to co-opt a new councillor to a vacant seat, but when there is more than one candidate then the choice should be made by the electorate at the ballot box. Democratic elections and not shady back room deals are the best way to ensure that none of the many and varied needs of our entire community are ignored.

We strongly urge everybody to vote for the candidate who best represents their needs in every election where they are eligible.

In this election on 24th August we hope you choose to vote Hurley and Malone.

David Evans.

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