Jnc 18a ~ A View From The Yate Observatory


The M4 Jnc18a consultation is a product of the findings presented in the ‘Emerging Transport Vision’(ETV), which is itself a study commissioned in support of preparations for the Joint Transport Plan (JTP). The ETV study concerns all transport systems across the region in the context of a strategy for growth, of which road transport to the North East of Bristol is only part.

Compare, Contrast, and Omit

It must be noted that the ETV study illustrates a central route for a link road from the A4174 to the M4, with a further onward link toward Yate connecting with the A432 Badminton Rd at some point between Yate and Coalpit Heath.

All routes. click to enlarge.

Jnc 18a all routes

Further, it is reasonable to infer a) that the Eastern and Western options are variations for the purpose of exploring some of the finer detail and to gauge opinion, and b) that the principle of a new road connection from the proposed Jnc18a to the A432 Badminton road remains an integral part of the scheme in the long-term.

The Jnc18a consultation presents two options which are in stark contrast:
Option 1. The obviously ‘bonkers’ Eastern Route through Pucklechurch, and
Option 2. The apparently ‘reasonable’ Western Route north of Emerson's Green.

Perhaps what is obviously ‘bonkers’ is intended to divert attention from any misgivings about the apparently ‘reasonable’ option which may emerge if it was subjected to minute scrutiny? All other routes from the A774 ring road as it runs along the eastern fringe of Emersons Green (including a central route) have been set aside for reasons unknown.

Grand Designs Need A Plan

The ETV plan is a far-reaching and ambitious proposition with the objective of delivering a truly integrated transport infrastructure. It will require a tremendous expenditure of political capital and financial investment on a grand scale. The planning process will be interminable, the undertaking burdensome, and the time scale long. Much debate and argument will ensue, but to resist and reject is to deny the ever worsening state of regional and local transport infrastructure we experience around and about us every day.

The Local Perspective...and never will!

It will not go unnoticed by residents of Yate that none of this civil engineering extravaganza, even at it’s full proposed extent, comes near to joining with the ‘Road To Nowhere’. This must surely be the nail that concludes the long goodbye to that forlorn strip of tarmac. The time has arrived for our Johnny-come-lately Tory MP to abandon his whimsical crusade to resurrect hope for the Road To Nowhere and accept that it will never come to serve it’s purpose.

Ahoy there Mr Hall, bring your ship of fools about; set a course back to reality, and acquaint yourself with what the residents of Yate really need from their MP.

Our survey is still open, and includes space for comment if you wish Click here and put down your marker.

David Evans