about us

who we are

Thornbury and Yate Labour is the constituency Labour party serving the  Westminster parliamentary constituency of Thornbury and Yate. This is the greater area around Thornbury and Yate as illustrated on the map. click to see the enlarged view for more detail.

We are comprised of three branches, each of which is formed from a group of electoral wards. To learn more about the Branch party areas please follow the links below to visit their webpages.

Thornbury and Yate constituency

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what we do

The values Labour stands for today are those which have guided it throughout its existence.

  • social justice
  • strong community and strong values
  • reward for hard work
  • decency
  • rights matched by responsibilities

meetingAt local level and as a member of the Labour Party you will receive invitation to attend Branch and Constituency meetings. Although attendance is not a requirement of membership, we extend a warm welcome to all who join us at our informal and friendly gatherings.

At branch level members of the Labour Party may

  • attend Branch meetings in that area
  • take part in selection of Local Council election candidates
  • be involved with local promotion activity

Additionally, at constituency level members may:-

  • attend Constituency Party meetings
  • take part in selection of a local representative to attend national conference
  • take part in selection of Parliamentary election candidates

Members will always be welcome to be a part of any canvassing and promotional activity in the wider regional area. This can include leafleting, street canvasing, and telephone banking during election time. In all our activity we endeavour to uphold and promote the Labour Party policies and manifesto in the spirit of the Labour party constitution.

donate to support the cause

You can make a contribution to Thornbury and Yate Labour Party funds at any time by clicking the donate button.
Donations can be made from your PayPal account, or from credit and debit cards without a PayPal account.
As an alternative, you could visit our online shop and support the party with a purchase of Labour branded merchandise.

Thornbury and Yate Constituency Labour Party
John Turner (Chair)
Gary Cave (Secretary)