Your Voice

YOUR_VOICEBy now many of you will have had the first edition of Your Voice; the Thornbury and Yate Labour Party news letter. We expect to publish on a quarterly basis, and deliver to as many addresses across the Yate and Thornbury constituency area as we can.

The purpose of Your Voice is to give a space for reporting and discussion of local and national issues which are particularly important to the people of Thornbury and Yate constituency. Continue reading “Your Voice”

Tory Council Targets Thornbury for more Cuts

Closing Thornbury One Stop Shop is their preferred option

Cutting local services is the priority for the Conservatives nationally and locally. Consulation has ended on proposals to close our One Stop Shop which is based at the library and is the one place in Thornbury where you can directly speak to and do business with a Council officer.

Do not despair though! In return the people of Thornbury will become Council guinea pigs for more cuts like this across South Gloucestershire.  An untried, unproven, unspecified “digital alternative” will be used and they will experiment with it on Thornbury folk so that they can get to know how to cut other such face to face services in the local authority.

So brush up on your digital skills and your performance on video camera and remember that your loss of the One Stop Shop will help the Conservatives cut more. Small comfort for the people of Thornbury in general and particularly for those who will find the proposed alternative remote, daunting and impersonal. Continue reading “Tory Council Targets Thornbury for more Cuts”

Green Bins – Who Pays How Much?


save libray

The controversy surrounding the recently introduced reduction to the Green Bin charge is really a question about who pays how much for council services.

  • A subscription to the green bin service will cost £30 pa. It is entirely optional with little more than inconvenience associated with the disposal or recycling of green waste by other means if the householder chooses not to opt in.
  •  For users of the library service there is no opt in or opt out. Where services are reduced, relocated or removed, access is restricted by opening hours or the need to travel. For those unable to travel beyond the local area they will find their access is in effect denied.

The Tory controlled South Glos council Continue reading “Green Bins – Who Pays How Much?”