Come and meet the new Labour candidate for Thornbury and Yate

rob_logan Meet our excellent candidate Rob Logan at Yate Shopping Centre, East Walk near Tesco this Saturday 16th November between 10:00am and 1:00 pm.

This will be leafleting and canvassing event to introduce our General Election candidate Rob Logan. Be there to show your support and help out with the stall and leafletting if you can - any time will make a difference.


Lets take the fight to the Tories & Lib/Dems and give them a real contest.

Boris Johnson -
A Prime Minister who represents the interests of the wealthy and powerful elite

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  • Out of touch
  • Untrustworthy
  • Dangerously incompetent

From The Labour Party Press Office

On Boris Johnson PM
“Responding to reports that Boris Johnson, in one of his first acts as Conservative Party leader, gave a job to a multi-millionaire who loaned him a £9.5m townhouse in Westminster for his leadership campaign, Labour’s Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office Jon Trickett MP said:

“Before he is even appointed Prime Minister, one of Boris Johnson’s first acts is to dish out a powerful job in Number 10 to his super-rich pal who lent him his luxurious house in Westminster for the Tory leadership campaign.

“The public would be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that Johnson’s friends can buy influence within the new administration.

“It’s blindingly obvious – Boris Johnson and his government will act only in the interest of the wealthy elite.”

On Welfare
“The benefit cap is a Conservative policy without compassion that overwhelmingly hits single parents with very young children.
These figures appear routinely almost without notice, but the harsh reality behind them is of vulnerable families pushed into poverty and children forced to go without.
Labour will make tackling child poverty the priority it should be once again.”

On Housing
“This is pitiful. If this Conservative Government can’t even get homes built on the land that it owns, then there is no hope that Ministers can fix our country’s housing crisis.
The homes that are being built on former public sites are too few and too expensive, with housing built on former NHS land that nurses can’t afford to live in.
Labour will ensure that public land is used for public benefit, setting up an English Sovereign Land Trust to spearhead our plan to build a million genuinely affordable homes.”

On The Climate Change Emergency
“The day after Labour pushed Parliament to acknowledge the environment and climate emergency, there could be no better timing for the publication of this landmark report.
Labour has committed to achieving net zero emissions before 2050 through a Green Industrial Revolution, working with the Committee on Climate Change to developing a pathway to get there. We will study the CCC’s recommendations accordingly.
Beyond the technical aspects of the report, I particularly welcome the CCC’s recommendation that the costs of the low carbon transition must be fair and be perceived to be fair – with vulnerable workers and members of the public protected.”

cross over to a better fairer Britain

Look right, look left, look right again, and when there are no Tories coming it's safe to cross. Keep looking and listening for LibDems, and when you reach the other side vote Labour.

50 years ago, if John, Paul, George, and Ringo were recording in Yate....

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