Green Bins – Who Pays How Much?


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The controversy surrounding the recently introduced reduction to the Green Bin charge is really a question about who pays how much for council services.

  • A subscription to the green bin service will cost £30 pa. It is entirely optional with little more than inconvenience associated with the disposal or recycling of green waste by other means if the householder chooses not to opt in.
  •  For users of the library service there is no opt in or opt out. Where services are reduced, relocated or removed, access is restricted by opening hours or the need to travel. For those unable to travel beyond the local area they will find their access is in effect denied.

The Tory controlled South Glos council have chosen to reduce the charge for green household recycling bins by 50p per month. The funding for this has been taken from recently allocated additional funding from central Government which was expressly intended to offset cuts to front line services.

The South Glos Council Labour group proposed an alternative use for these funds which would more closely match the intended purpose for this money. The Labor group wished to see the £230,000 cost of this green bin discount diverted to reducing the deeply unpopular cuts targeting the library service.

Whilst recycling of green waste is a worthy cause in it’s own right, it should not be at the expense to that sector of the community who have borne the greatest impact of Osborne’s austerity and are least able to pay themselves for the services provided at our libraries.

The minutes of the Council meeting where this motion was debated can be found here:- South Glos Council minutes

Chipping Sodbury Library is under threat of closure as part of South Glos cuts. You can join the fight to save this community library by signing the ‘Save Chipping Sodbury Library’ partion here

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