At the time of writingballot there it is only 5 weeks until the UK referendum to decide whether we remain in or leave the European Union. Alongside the 1975 referendum to stay in the EEC (as the EU was known as then) this is likely to be the most important ballot the UK electorate will ever take part in.

The Labour Party official policy is to campaign for a vote to remain within the EU, and of course we would hope that you choose to cast your vote ‘Remain a member of the European Union’ on Thursday 23rd June.


When voting in elections to select the local MP, Councilors, and Police Commissioner the winner is selected on a ‘First-Past-The-Post’ basis. In areas where sitting candidates or single parties hold massive majorities only a seismic shift is voting behaviour can overturn the status quo.

In the referendum every vote will count, but to have your say you must be registered to vote. If you are not registered to vote you can do so right now on the ‘Register To Vote’ page of the website here. You can also apply for a postal vote at the same website by clicking here if you will be away from your normal residential address at that time.

The deadline for registering in time to vote in the EU referendum is Tuesday 7th June 2016.

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