Why Not Upcycle The Road To Nowhere?

The process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

For forty years the ‘Road To Nowhere’ has been:
1, a standing joke,
2, a monument to weak willed local government,
3, a victim of austerity (1970’s style).

road_nowhereWhilst the unfinished dual carriage way lies abandoned to the slow ingress of nature the rest of Yate has moved on. Today, if the road were to be completed it would not be a much needed lifeline between otherwise isolated focal points of activity. Nor would it be the final link in any major arterial traffic scheme running through or around Yate. In the unlikely event it came to pass, the benighted highway might shrug of the ignominy of 2 and 3 but gain a new and equally damning epithet of ‘White Elephant’. It may even have the unintended consequence of drawing in commercial traffic from the Beaches, North Road, Stover Road, and Great Western industrial areas seeking a more direct route to the M4 junction at Tormarton.

In these times of biting Tory austerity, our elected representative at Westminister should know better than most that the prospects for success with his fanciful ambition are beyond bleak. And yet the man persists, Luke Hall has chosen to hitch his cart to a horse that is going nowhere fast. Completion of this road will not happen before our MP is called upon to reapply for his job in 2020.

A better plan would be to enhance and extend the use of the road in a way that some local residents already have.cycleway
The foot path beginning at Westerleigh Close and which runs along the fence beside the railway line could be upgraded to a combined cycle way/pedestrian path and joined to the road. This would be a very direct link to Yate railway station for residents in the South of Yate, and would continue to serve dog walkers and pedestrians in general. Furthermore, one carriageway of the road could be ripped-up to free the ground for further light-touch landscaping and other simple measures to encourage wildlife.

The advantages of this proposal are many, varied and not limited to the following:-
• For cyclists travelling between South Yate and the Yate station area the route is both much shorter and safer.
• That local environment will be transformed from eyesore to asset.
• The scheme does not simply move vehicle traffic from one road to another; it may actually encourage a reduction in car journey’s.
• Finally, in these times of straightened public finances this proposal has the obvious attraction of much reduced cost- a fact that should not fail to piqué the interest of our man from the Party of Cuts.

David Evans.

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