email to and from Yate Town Council 5th May


Does the town council have a policy relating to or which encompasses supermarket shopping trolleys? Always assuming there is a policy relating to this, would that policy include a responsibility on the part of supermarkets for good stewardship of their trolleys? Similarly, is there any incentivisation (ie fines or other sanctions) placed upon the supermarkets to reasonably confine their trolleys to their premises, and to then recover them in the event they are taken from their premises?

Regards, David Evans.

And the reply:-

Dear Mr Evans

Neither Yate Town Council or South Gloucestershire Council have a policy in respect of shopping trollies as they are the responsibility of the supermarkets.

South Gloucestershire Council andĀ  Yate Town Council will report any siting of an abandoned trolley to the relevant supermarkets to ask them to collect them.

It is however in the supermarkets interest to fetch any abandoned trolleys as they are costly to purchase.

With kind regards,


Sally Johnston
Administration Assistant
Yate Town Council